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About Henrik & Meng & Company a/s

Henrik Meng: An unusual Dane...

Born 1963. Father of two and author of several best-selling books. Speaker, consultant, trainer - and CEO og Meng & Company a/s, founded in 1990.

Henrik is an acclaimed speaker at numerous venues, and has performed at corporate sessions around the globe, in North and South Americas in the west, on throughout Europe to Asia and Australia in the east. Henriks passion is people - and their passions in life and business. He claims that everything we gain and contribute in life is a matter of our time, and how we spend it, here and now. Time is all there is...

Henrik has been labelled a number of titles - including " unusual Dane, that makes you realize that every day is a gift, and urges you to get the wrapping off in a hurry..." and "Danish National Champ of Excitement", just to mention af few. His contribution has changed a substantial number of peoples´ and organisations´ lives and modus operadum - and he always delivers his contribution with a twinkle of the eyes - and a "No Frills - lots of THRILL" approach to the topic, with great respect for attendees own reality.

Check the Youtube icon bottom tight for a sample of Henrik on stage...



Meng & Company a/s: Making it happen - with Scandinavian Roots & Global presence.

The company, founded in 1990, rests on two strong legs: One is about creating Organisational Excellence - the other about Customer Orientation second to none.

We stregthen staffs faith in management - and vice versa!

Meng & Company have developed effective programs for improving the commitment of managers and employees, for enhancing guest and customer satisfaction, and for optimizing sales, revenue and loyalty.
We run programs for private and public entities in many countries across the world. Customers represent a broad variety of organisations, e.g. telecommunications, correctional facilities, IT, banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, transportation/ logistics, networks, hospitality, medical facilities, family attractions, restaurants, hotel/ conference and public entities like cities and educational facilities.
Our Licence to THRILL(tm) process enhances and fertilizes internal values and leadership practise. It is used daily in 15+ countries and is under constant and careful development, in close cooperation with major clients around the world.


We´re based in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Melbourne, Australia, and act globally: Read more at

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